Bastide du Château Saint Roux

Our History

Once upon a time…

Saint Roux was established in the mid-15th century with the help of an Italian nobleman. He fell in love with the fields of red-tinted soil and decided to name the site “Roux”, in reference to the colour of the earth.
At that time, he provided supplies to the surrounding populations. His real name escapes us today but his kindness towards the local people has earned him a nickname: Saint Roux.
The estate went on to have many owners, but his spirit has remained intact over the centuries. The buildings of this historic farm, which had fallen into ruin, have been rebuilt with recycled materials and each stone found on the ground has been restored to its original place…
Today, Saint Roux is a farm engaged in multiple activities: a vineyard, holiday cottages and a restaurant, a cheese dairy, a kitchen garden, olive oil production, goat rearing, a bakery and a tasting cellar.
It is also a place for living, educating children, strolling the footpaths, working and sharing.

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