Picto fromage de chèvre

The cheese dairy

Rearing 50 goats


Native to the Swiss and French Alps, our 50 Chamois Coloured Goats are free to roam in an exercise park of over 8000 m². Angélique, our goatherd, attaches great importance to their well-being and rears them organically. Morning and evening, they enjoy a stroll to feed on grasses, pistachios but also hay and organic whole grains. Pastured grass is very important, as it influences the taste and quality of the milk.



Our goats produce up to 5 litres of milk a day. Once collected, the milk undergoes various heat treatments and is curdled using ferments and/or rennet depending on the type of cheese desired. 1 litre of milk allows us to produce 1 to 2 fresh cheeses. An emblematic product of our estate, goat’s cheese is produced daily and offers a range of flavours throughout the seasons.

An unusual home


This type of goat tower has been around since 1981. The first one was built by a farmer named Charles Back who found that goats really enjoy climbing. The idea has slowly spread and there are now 4 around the world and only one in France, on our estate in the Var.

Educational visits


Very soon we will be offering educational visits – go behind the scenes of our goat’s cheese manufacturing process.


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