Dessin d'un légume

The kitchen garden

A kitchen garden that guarantees freshness and unparalleled flavours


Day after day, Saint Roux promotes a healthy diet by adopting ecologically responsible behaviour. Valuing the taste and the pleasure of consuming healthy, seasonal products is our priority at the estate. Our organic kitchen garden of over 3800 m² includes countless varieties of vegetables and 200 fruit trees. Every day, our gardeners patiently and expertly maintain the garden to offer products that are full of flavour while respecting a healthy, unspoilt nature.

Théo, our head gardener


« A kitchen garden in the process of converting to organic cultivation is a kitchen garden unlike any other, it requires generous sunshine and protection against the wind. To avoid using pesticides and other chemical fertilizers, we combine plants that will complement each other. This technique is called companion planting. It allows us to obtain plentiful harvests and to have a beautiful kitchen garden. For example, basil is a strong repellent for flies and mosquitoes. It is the perfect companion for tomatoes and aubergines. »

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