The team


Estate & Business Manager

Bénédicte is passionate. Having learned her craft at various fine, prestigious establishments (Joel Robuchon, Jacques Chibois and Gordon Ramsay), she became the conductor of the Saint Roux rehabilitation in 2016. Since then she has become the Estate Manager and works with her team like a family.
Sensitive and enthusiastic, she describes the Saint Roux values as “authenticity, observing the seasons and respecting nature.” Bénédicte loves to share, educate and create a memorable experience for our guests.

Mathilde & Florent

Shop Assistants

Florent and Mathilde welcome visitors to the shop every day. Florent selects producers in the region who offer the best in local and organic or sustainable farming. All products are analysed, identified and tasted before being presented in the shop. Mathilde loves interacting with visitors, sharing the values of the estate.


Head Gardener

Théo weaves a real link between the land, its products and his expertise. Market gardening was not his first profession but became a passion. Today he watches over his kitchen garden with special attention. When he talks about the kitchen garden, he talks with passion and joy. Trained by a neighbouring farmer, he cultivates the Saint Roux garden organically.



Our goatherd takes great care of her charges. She is constantly watching over their well-being. “We must think of future generations and opt for sustainable farming on a human scale with respect for the animal. We must never forget that animals, by feeding us, are giving us a precious gift.”


Estate Mascot

Lonzo is the estate mascot, who ensures that are guests have a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

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