Dessin de raisins

The vineyard

A rich soil


The vineyard covers 40 hectares. The colour of the earth, in orange and ruddy red tones, was the inspiration for the name “Saint Roux”.
Rich in iron and bauxite, these essential nutrients act as a catalyst and develop grapes that are full of flavour. This character allows us to produce full-bodied and unique wines.

Conversion to organic farming


At the heart of a breezy corridor, the vines naturally protect themselves from diseases and are therefore already predisposed to tolerate organic farming. We are currently in the process of converting to organic farming, with the first certified harvest scheduled for 2019. As well as using organic grapes, our wines are elaborated with natural and local yeasts giving them an authenticity and a “natural” character.

Innovation and biodiversity


In collaboration with the Chamber of Agriculture of the Var region, the vineyard has an experimental plot that allows behavioural analysis of different varieties in order to adapt to global warming. This plot includes grape varieties particularly resistant to drought and southern grape varieties: grey and white Mourvèdre, Touriga Nacional, Calabrese and Mavrud.

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