Château Saint Roux

Welcome to Saint Roux

Saint Roux was established in the 15th century with the help of an Italian nobleman. Charmed by the fields of red-tinted soil, he decided to name the place “Roux”, and went on to provide supplies to the surrounding populations.
His real name escapes us today, but his benevolence inspired a nickname: “Saint Roux”. The buildings of this historic farm, which had fallen into ruin, have been carefully rebuilt. Every stone found on the ground has been returned to its original place; Saint Roux has rediscovered its former charm. Changing with the seasons, an eco-friendly approach governs all our activities: wines, cheese made from the milk of our goat herd, a restaurant, open for lunch and dinner, where dishes are prepared using the vegetables from our kitchen garden, and a collection of holiday cottages.

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RD17 Route de la Garde Freinet | 83340 LE CANNET-DES-MAURES
The Tasting Cellar
Open everyday from 10am to 6pm

The Saint Roux Restaurant
Open everyday
Brunch on Sundays

04 98 10 02 61


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